AINDHA Postal Code

Pincode : 285223

Pin code of AINDHA is 285223. This location belongs to pin code of Aindha post office situated in Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : AINDHA

Post Office : Aindha BO

Postal Code : 285223

Sub District : Orai

District : Jalaun

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 285223

Location District State
Aindha Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Barsar Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Binaura Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Kotra Jalaun Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Kurkuru Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Said Nagar Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Sikri Vyas Jalaun Uttar Pradesh

Nearby local areas of AINDHA sharing pincode 285223

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
PUR, P.O. Aindha Orai 285223
SEORHI, P.O. Kurkuru Orai 285223
AINDHA, P.O. Aindha Orai 285223
BINAURA, P.O. Binaura Kalpi 285223
KURKURU, P.O. Kurkuru Orai 285223
KOTRA, P.O. Kotra Jalaun Orai 285223
SIKARI VYAS, P.O. Sikri Vyas Orai 285223
BARSAR, P.O. Barsar Orai 285223
BHITARA, P.O. Kurkuru Orai 285223
BIRAURA, P.O. Kotra Jalaun Konch 285223
AMRODH, P.O. Said Nagar Orai 285223
KAMTHA, P.O. Barsar Orai 285223
KOTRA, P.O. Kotra Jalaun Garautha 285223
GORAN, P.O. Aindha Orai 285223
PRATAPPURA, P.O. Sikri Vyas Garautha 285223
NUNBAI, P.O. Said Nagar Orai 285223
SAID NAGAR, P.O. Said Nagar Orai 285223

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