SARAUN Postal Code

Pincode : 813201

Pin code of SARAUN is 813201. This location belongs to pin code of Asarganj post office situated in Munger district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : SARAUN

Post Office : Asarganj SO

Postal Code : 813201

Sub District : Asarganj

District : Munger

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 813201

Location District State
Amaiya Munger Bihar
Asarganj Munger Bihar
Bath Munger Bihar
Chatmadih Munger Bihar
Chorgaon Munger Bihar
Dhuibelari Banka Bihar
Gonai Munger Bihar
Karaharia Munger Bihar
Lakhanpur Munger Bihar
Makwa Munger Bihar
Mamai Munger Bihar
Muskipur Munger Bihar
Nayagaon Banka Bihar

Nearby local areas of AHMADPUR sharing pincode 813201

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AMAIA, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
BELSARA, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
CHAKARGHATA, P.O. Asarganj Tarapur 813201
DHOLPAHARI MILIK, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
FIRISTABAD, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
JAITIPUR, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
KASTIKRI, P.O. Asarganj Sultanganj 813201
KHARAHARA, P.O. Karaharia Barahat 813201
KHARWA, P.O. Gonai Asarganj 813201
MUSKIPUR, P.O. Muskipur Tarapur 813201
PARSOTIMPUR SATGHARIA, P.O. Mamai Asarganj 813201
SIMPUR, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
TEGHRA JAGIRDARI, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
ADRAS, P.O. Mamai Asarganj 813201
ASARGANJ, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
BERAIN, P.O. Chorgaon Asarganj 813201
BIKRAMPUR, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
CHAPHA, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
SADPUR, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
SONMARA, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
BADARKHA, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
BELARI MILIK, P.O. Dhuibelari Shambhuganj 813201
CHHAGARCHARA, P.O. Lakhanpur Belhar 813201
DHAPRA, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
JORARI, P.O. Muskipur Asarganj 813201
MAINWA, P.O. Nayagaon Bausi 813201
NAYAGAON, P.O. Nayagaon Bausi 813201
PANSAIN, P.O. Mamai Asarganj 813201
PIPRA BARHAMPUR, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
RAHMATPUR, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
SAGRAMPUR, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
SIARDIH, P.O. Dhuibelari Tarapur 813201
SIBPUR ARAZI, P.O. Nayagaon Sultanganj 813201
UCHAGAON, P.O. Nayagaon Sultanganj 813201
BAKARABAD, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
BATH, P.O. Bath Sultanganj 813201
BELARICHAK, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
BHANSIABHITA, P.O. Karaharia Barahat 813201
DHOLPHARI MAL, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
DULHAR, P.O. Gonai Asarganj 813201
HEMRA ARAZI, P.O. Nayagaon Sultanganj 813201
KARHARIA, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
MAMAI, P.O. Mamai Asarganj 813201
MASUDANPUR ARAZI, P.O. Gonai Asarganj 813201
NANDANCHAK, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
SAGRAMPUR ARAZI, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
DAMODARPUR, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
DAMODARPUR ARAZI, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
DEODHA ARAZI, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
DHURIA, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
DURGA PUR, P.O. Nayagaon Bausi 813201
HEMRA, P.O. Bath Sultanganj 813201
MASUDANPUR, P.O. Bath Asarganj 813201
NISAHARA ARAZI, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
SADPUR, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
SADPUR ARAZI, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
CHATARBHUJPUR, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
CHORGAON, P.O. Chorgaon Asarganj 813201
JORARI MILK, P.O. Muskipur Asarganj 813201
PANSAIN ARAZI, P.O. Mamai Asarganj 813201
SIARDIH, P.O. Dhuibelari Sultanganj 813201
TEGHRA MAL, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
UFRAUL, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
BAIJALPUR, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
BANGAON, P.O. Muskipur Asarganj 813201
BIKRAMPUR ARAZI, P.O. Asarganj Tarapur 813201
CHAPHA MILIK, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
DALIA, P.O. Nayagaon Bausi 813201
DEODHA MILIK, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
DHANHI BELARI, P.O. Dhuibelari Sultanganj 813201
GIRDHARPUR, P.O. Bath Sultanganj 813201
GOPALPUR, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
KHARBHATUA, P.O. Amaiya Asarganj 813201
LAGMA, P.O. Chorgaon Asarganj 813201
MANIHARI, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
AHMADPUR, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
BELARI, P.O. Lakhanpur Sultanganj 813201
BERAIK ARAZI, P.O. Chorgaon Asarganj 813201
DEODHA, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
DHURIA ARAZI, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
FATEHPUR ARAZI, P.O. Karaharia Sultanganj 813201
GORHA, P.O. Gonai Asarganj 813201
JALALABAD, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201
KARHARIA, P.O. Karaharia Sonhaula 813201
MAKWA, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
MANGARBA, P.O. Gonai Asarganj 813201
RUDARPUR, P.O. Chatmadih Sonhaula 813201
SADPUR INGLISH, P.O. Makwa Asarganj 813201
SARAUN, P.O. Asarganj Asarganj 813201

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