Pincode : 502302

Pin code of ACHANNAPALLE is 502302. This location belongs to pin code of Bacharam post office situated in Medak district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : ACHANNAPALLE

Post Office : Bacharam BO

Postal Code : 502302

Sub District : Tekmal

District : Medak

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 502302

Location District State
Arkela Medak Telangana
Bacharam Medak Telangana
Bodagattu Medak Telangana
Dhanoora Medak Telangana
Elakurthy Medak Telangana
Kadloor Medak Telangana
Mupparam Medak Telangana
Palvancha Medak Telangana
Tampulur Medak Telangana
Tekmal Medak Telangana
Yelapgonda Medak Telangana

Nearby local areas of ACHANNAPALLE sharing pincode 502302

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ARKELA, P.O. Arkela Papannapet 502302
MVK KUNTA, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
SHABADTHANDA, P.O. Yelapgonda Tekmal 502302
YELLAMPALLE, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
YELUPUGONDA, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
ACHANNAPALLE, P.O. Bacharam Tekmal 502302
KHADILABAITHANDA, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
LATHMAMILLATHANDA, P.O. Yelapgonda Tekmal 502302
NALLAKUNTATHANDA, P.O. Yelapgonda Tekmal 502302
PALVANCHA, P.O. Palvancha Tekmal 502302
ZOHEERPUR, P.O. Dhanoora Tekmal 502302
BACHARAM, P.O. Bacharam Papannapet 502302
KADLOOR, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
YELKURTHI, P.O. Elakurthy Tekmal 502302
APPAJIPALLE, P.O. Mupparam Alladurg 502302
MUPPARAM, P.O. Mupparam Alladurg 502302
PAGIROTTAMPALLI, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
PALVANCHA, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
RUKMOJIPALLY, P.O. Tampulur Tekmal 502302
SARAMKUNTA, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
YELKURTHI, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
YELUPUGONDA, P.O. Yelapgonda Tekmal 502302
ARKELA, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
EKLASPUR, P.O. Palvancha Tekmal 502302
KORAMPALLE, P.O. Elakurthy Tekmal 502302
NARSINGI, P.O. Bacharam Papannapet 502302
SALOJIPALLY, P.O. Kadloor Tekmal 502302
SURAMPALLY, P.O. Yelapgonda Tekmal 502302
DHANNARAM, P.O. Dhanoora Tekmal 502302
KAMMARIKATHA, P.O. Bodagattu Tekmal 502302
BARDIPUR, P.O. Kadloor Tekmal 502302
BODAGAT, P.O. Bodagattu Tekmal 502302
BODAGAT, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
KADLOOR, P.O. Kadloor Tekmal 502302
NALLABOINAVAAGU, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302
NAMAPUR, P.O. Bacharam Papannapet 502302
TAMPLOOR, P.O. Tampulur Tekmal 502302
TEKMAL, P.O. Tekmal Tekmal 502302

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