Pincode : 803201

Pin code of ABDULLAH CHAK is 803201. This location belongs to pin code of Kanchanpur post office situated in Patna district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : ABDULLAH CHAK

Post Office : Kanchanpur BO

Postal Code : 803201

Sub District : Fatwah

District : Patna

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 803201

Location District
Bankipore Macchariyawan Patna
Baruna Patna
Dumari Patna
Fatwa Patna
Garhochak Patna
Gauri Pundah Patna
Kachi Dargah Patna
Kanchanpur Patna
Masarhi Patna
Mohiuddinpur Patna
Parsa Patna
Sultanpur Patna

Nearby local areas of ABDULLAH CHAK sharing pincode 803201

Area / Village Pin Code
BAZIDPUR, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
FATWAH, P.O. Garhochak 803201
KHANPURA, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201
BIKRAMPUR ZABTI, P.O. Garhochak 803201
BUZURG, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201
GAURI PUNDA, P.O. Gauri Pundah 803201
JANARJANPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
KHASPUR, P.O. Kachi Dargah 803201
KHIZIRPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
MARWA, P.O. Fatwa 803201
NASIRPUR BALWA, P.O. Baruna 803201
PARSA, P.O. Parsa 803201
PITAMBARPUR, P.O. Dumari 803201
RAIPURA, P.O. Fatwa 803201
DIARA GOBINDPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
HIRAMANPUR, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
MASARHI, P.O. Masarhi 803201
NIYAZIPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
RAIPUR BALUA, P.O. Baruna 803201
SIHORA, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
SIKANDARPUR, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
SONARU, P.O. Fatwa 803201
BENDAULI, P.O. Masarhi 803201
BHIKHUA, P.O. Dumari 803201
DUMRI, P.O. Dumari 803201
KABBO CHAK, P.O. Fatwa 803201
MOHIUDDINPUR, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201
MUSTAFAPUR, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
NIMI, P.O. Gauri Pundah 803201
SARBAHANPUR, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
WARISPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
BANKIPUR MACHHARIAWAN, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
BIKRAMPUR, P.O. Garhochak 803201
NARWAN, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201
WARISPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
ABDALPUR, P.O. Sultanpur 803201
BIBIPUR, P.O. Masarhi 803201
JETHULI, P.O. Kachi Dargah 803201
KAMALPUR, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
KANCHANPUR, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
KUTUBPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
LASHKARI CHAK, P.O. Parsa 803201
MURAJPUR, P.O. Kachi Dargah 803201
PARSARAMPUR, P.O. Dumari 803201
SATAULI BUZURG, P.O. Masarhi 803201
SULTANPUR, P.O. Sultanpur 803201
SUPAN CHAK, P.O. Dumari 803201
ABDULLAH CHAK, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
AKHARIA, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
FATWAH, P.O. Fatwa 803201
FATWAH, P.O. Kachi Dargah 803201
GHORANPURA, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
KHARAGPUR, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
MOMINPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
NARAINA, P.O. Sultanpur 803201
PACHRUKHIA, P.O. Parsa 803201
RANIPUR, P.O. Dumari 803201
SIRAMPUR, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201
SOTI CHAK, P.O. Parsa 803201
AIMAN BIGHA, P.O. Kanchanpur 803201
BIKRAMPUR AIMA, P.O. Garhochak 803201
DAULATPUR, P.O. Garhochak 803201
FATWAH, P.O. Baruna 803201
KASHMIRIYA, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201
KASIMPUR, P.O. Gauri Pundah 803201
KOLHAR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
MAUJIPUR, P.O. Garhochak 803201
MUHAMMADPUR, P.O. Fatwa 803201
MUNRERA, P.O. Bankipore Macchariyawan 803201
NATHUPUR, P.O. Sultanpur 803201
RASULPUR KURTHA, P.O. Dumari 803201
SATAULI KHURD, P.O. Masarhi 803201
SIRPATPUR, P.O. Mohiuddinpur 803201

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