A F HANSI Postal Code

Pincode : 125033

Pin code of A F HANSI is 125033. This location belongs to pin code of Hansi post office situated in Hisar district of Haryana.

Village / Locality Name : A F HANSI

Post Office : Hansi SO

Postal Code : 125033

Sub District : Hansi

District : Hisar

State : Haryana

List of post office belong to postal code 125033

Location District State
A F Hansi Hisar Haryana
Anaj Mandi Hansi Hisar Haryana
Barwala Road Hansi Hisar Haryana
Bhatla Hisar Haryana
Bhatol Jattan Hisar Haryana
Chanot Hisar Haryana
Dhana Kalan Hisar Haryana
Dhana Khurd Hisar Haryana
Dhanderi Hisar Haryana
Dhani Peeranwali Hisar Haryana
Garhi Hisar Haryana
Ghirai Hisar Haryana
Hansi City Hisar Haryana
Hansi Hisar Haryana
Hazampur Hisar Haryana
Jamauri Hisar Haryana
Kharkari Hisar Haryana
Kharkhara Hisar Haryana
Khokha Hisar Haryana
Kulana Hisar Haryana
Kumbha Hisar Haryana
Mehanda Hisar Haryana
Mini Secretariat Hansi Hisar Haryana
Petwar Hisar Haryana
Puthimangal Khan Hisar Haryana
Shaikhpura Hisar Haryana
Sindher Hisar Haryana
Sorkhi Hisar Haryana
Sultanpur Hisar Haryana
T C Hansi Hisar Haryana
Thurana Hisar Haryana
Umra Hisar Haryana

Nearby local areas of A F HANSI sharing pincode 125033

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
A F HANSI, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
BIR HANSI 120, P.O. A F Hansi Hansi 125033
DHANA KALAN, P.O. Dhana Kalan Hansi 125033
DHANDERI 117, P.O. Dhanderi Hansi 125033
HANSI, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
KHOKHA 28, P.O. Khokha Hisar 125033
KULANA 114, P.O. Kulana Hansi 125033
SINDHAR 22, P.O. Sindher Hansi 125033
DHANA KHURD, P.O. Dhana Khurd Hansi 125033
HANSI RURAL 119, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
SORKHI 130, P.O. Sorkhi Hansi 125033
THURANA 103, P.O. Thurana Hansi 125033
A F HANSI, P.O. A F Hansi Hansi 125033
DHANA KHURD, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
SHALA DHERI 86, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
SHEIKHPURA 121, P.O. Shaikhpura Hansi 125033
SULTANPUR 138, P.O. Sultanpur Hansi 125033
DHANA 128, P.O. Dhana Kalan Hansi 125033
GHUSKANI 64, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
KHARKHARI 27, P.O. Kharkari Hisar 125033
MEHANDA 129, P.O. Mehanda Hansi 125033
PETWAR 92, P.O. Petwar Narnaund 125033
DEPAL 118, P.O. Dhanderi Hansi 125033
DHANA KALAN, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
GHIRAI 24, P.O. Ghirai Hansi 125033
HAJAMPUR 135, P.O. Hazampur Hansi 125033
JAMAWARI 122, P.O. Jamauri Hansi 125033
RAMAYAN 116, P.O. Dhanderi Hansi 125033
DHANI PEERAWALI, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
GARHI 139, P.O. Garhi Hansi 125033
KAJAL 106, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
KHANPUR 21, P.O. Sindher Hansi 125033
DHANI PEERAWALI, P.O. Dhani Peeranwali Hansi 125033
KHUMBA 125, P.O. Kumbha Hansi 125033
THARWA 84, P.O. Hansi Hansi 125033
BHATLA 113, P.O. Bhatla Hansi 125033
CHANNOT 112, P.O. Chanot Hansi 125033
PUTTHI MANGALKHAN 136, P.O. Puthimangal Khan Hansi 125033
UMRA 137, P.O. Umra Hansi 125033

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